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Arkansas Medical Cards Through Telemed

We are here to help qualifying patients obtain their medical cards.  We offer telemedicine appointments so you can get evaluated right from your computer or phone without having to leave your home! 


What Our Patients Are Saying

"The support staff is super friendly and helpful and the doctor is very knowledgeable."


- Brandie W.

"The entire process was easy, staff was super friendly and professional."

- Chad W.

"Very nice staff, friendly! Extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent advice about Ohio law."


- Janet V.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies in the State of Arkansas?

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) has approved a number of qualifying conditions that will allow patients to access to treatment in Arkansas. The qualifying conditions identified by the ADH include a number of chronic or debilitating conditions.

Why do I need an Arkansas Medical Card?

An Arkansas Medical Card shows that your name has been added to the Arkansas patient registry by a licensed Arkansas physician. With this card, you can:

  1. Legally obtain this medication in the state of Arkansas
  2. Possess medicine in the state of Arkansas
  3. Consume medicine in the state of Arkansas​
An Arkansas Medical Card is a personal identification card that shows the patient is a legal Arkansas registered medical patient.

How does the telemedicine process work?

We will send you an email containing a link to your appointment, which can be accessed through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. After you click the link, you will enter our virtual waiting room until it is time to meet with the doctor and be evaluated. It's that simple!

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemed provides a number of benefits for patients. Have Your Appointment From Home
Telemedicine allows you to meet with our doctors right from the comfort and safety of your own home! You will be able to find an appointment time that best accommodates your schedule.
Save Time
Telemedicine eliminates any time needed for transportation to your appointment and time spent sitting in the doctor's office waiting room. With our virtual waiting room, you can continue daily routine until it is your time to meet with the doctor.
You do not have to be good with computers or technology to use telemedicine. All you will need is your mobile phone or computer and internet access to be evaluated. We will email you a link to your appointment and with a few clicks, you will be connected to one of our physicians!

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